Regulators and Business Players Establish as Hub Information About 5G in Indonesia

Regulators and Business Players Establish as Hub Information  About 5G in Indonesia

BARCELONA -, a collaborative platform containing various information on the development of 5G in Indonesia, is now available. This platform, supported by multi-stakeholders in the information and communication technology field, will channel various initiatives and new developments to support accelerating technology development and digital transformation in the country.

Denny Setiawan, Director of Spectrum Policy and Planning, Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology (SDPPI) at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (KOMINFO), stated that the collaboration of the entire 5G ecosystem in Indonesia, including regulators, mobile network operators, device providers, and many more, is certain, will encourage the implementation of 5G in Indonesia which has an impact on accelerating digital transformation as the national priority agendas and continuous commitment of Indonesian government. 

"The government highly appreciates and fully supports the existence of the portal. This platform will serve as a hub for sharing the latest updates on the ongoing 5G development in Indonesia. It is designed as a collaborative platform that invites stakeholders, both local and global, to stay informed and provide valuable feedback on 5G initiatives and policies. We hope this portal will serve as a valuable resource for those interested in the development of 5G in Indonesia. Eventually we hope that this portal will encourage the development of innovative 5G applications and contributed to the local content," he said.

Teguh Prasetya, Chairman of the Indonesian Internet of Things Association (ASIOTI), sees the development of the 5G market in Indonesia continuing to experience growth. 5G positively impacts economic growth in Indonesia, including supporting the development of IoT, AI, BIG DATA, and METAVERSE. Referring to research by the Bandung Institute of Technology, developing the 5G network in Indonesia can contribute more than IDR 2,800 trillion, or the equivalent of 9.5 percent of the total GDP in 2030. This figure can jump to 3,500 trillion or 9.8 percent of Indonesia's GDP in 2035.

" will become a hub containing the latest information regarding 5G development in Indonesia. collects information from regulators, ecosystems, and industry players while inviting all parties to contribute in providing the latest news about 5G and supporting technologies going forward," he said.

Julian Gorman, Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA, said his appreciation for the launch of would inspire fresh thinking about the role of 5G in building Indonesian society and showcase the best of what the 5G ecosystem has to offer in Indonesia. This is in line with the mission of the GSMA APAC 5G Industry Community (APAC5GIC) which aims to build a platform for all stakeholders that is useful for education about the benefits of 5G for industry and companies, sharing knowledge and building ecosystems to support each other and encourage business progress through implementing new technology in the Asia Pacific region.

As one of the initiators of, PT Alita Praya Mitra (Alita) sees the importance of this platform as a gathering place for ecosystems and as a bridge for interactive communication with multi-stakeholders, especially communities and corporations, as users of 5G network-based services and solutions. This was stated by Martini Soejatno, Sales & Marketing Director of Alita, "As a provider of ICT solutions and services, Alita is also committed to supporting the development of 5G technology in Indonesia. 5G requires mature and trusted infrastructure and system integrators. We are working together to promote and increase 5G deployment in Indonesia to support cellular operators to provide quality, fast, reliable, and economical services to the public by implementing this technology and to support solutions based on the Internet of Things, IPV6, and fiber optics. also received support from various stakeholders in the ICT industry, starting from KOMINFO, ASIOTI, Mastel, ALITA, ATSI, Telecom Infra Project, GSMA, APAC5GIC, Meta, Telkomsel, XL Axiata, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, NPERF, ITB, ITS, Telkom University, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, to Qualcomm.